Hello, I’m Korbinian Kuhn.

Profile picture of Korbinian Kuhn I’m a software developer from Stuttgart, DE working at Stuttgart Media University. I’m currently doing my PhD in the field of digital accessibility and reseach project SHUFFLE, investigating how automatic speech recognition can support deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. I co-founded the startup Software Werke GmbH, which develops the applications Lehrmeister and Energy Assistant. I’m passionate about clean code, library development and ui design. Even though this page is javascript-free, typescript is my language of choice and I love working with angular and nest.

Field of research

Automatic Speech Recognition, Digital Accessibility, Crowd-Sourcing


typescript javascript python

In a time far far away: php, c++, java


angular react vue ionic nest express

Experiences with flutter, hapi, fastify, spring

Favorite tools

vscode prettier gitlab black postman


mongodb sql redis firebase


docker nginx prometheus grafana loki


cleancode ui-ux security api-design rest cloud microservices


Korbinian Kuhn
Gutenbergstraße 95
70197 Stuttgart